The new Live Overtown campaign powered and marketed by the Mosaic Group just started and wants p to know that Miami’s Historic Overtown, which is one of Miami’s oldest pioneer all black communities, is ready and open for business. Their message is simple, they are inviting locals, and future residents to get involved to expand, relocate or open a new business in the heart of Miami’s growing downtown area. Overtown is encompassed around other popular communities like Bayside, Wynwwod, the Arts and Entertainment District and Mid-town. The future developments, plans and investment opportunities offer incentive programs to new and existing business owners. Along with pushing the Overtown Live campaign and promotion, they are offering Trolley tours to showcase what the plans for future business will include, from entertainment, eateries, bed-and-breakfast, beauty, barber and nail salons to jazz clubs. Ann Marie Sorrell, president of the Mosaic Group explains that, “The term Live Overtown is interchangeable because during the first phase of the campaign, the focus is on the lifestyle and business side of Overtown and then we will showcase the entertainment side of Overtown.” The entertainment phase of Overtown has historically been on public display at Overtown’s Lyric Theater, where a long list of black entertainers performed at talent shows and hosted special events put on by local popular promoters of black music and entertainment. The Live Overtown entertainment phase of their campaign project is an exciting moment in Overtown’s history and is planned to kick off during the annual Overtown Music & Art Festival scheduled for July 23rd of this year, which highlights the rich culture of the Overtown community with a purpose to increase and boost economic development by bringing together what Overtown has to offer to its community and neighboring communities. With their popular hash tag #LiveOvertown and marketing strategies, the attention towards this campaign will surely be one to watch out for in any social media platforms and local news.


By Jacqueline Oliphant, Entertainment Business, MS