About Us



Southbeachurban.com is a website that caters to the locals, visitors and tourists in Miami and the beaches interested in urban entertainment, news, and events.

About the Author:

Jackeemo of Hit-Gurl Entertainment blog and projects first introduced a local urban resource of online content and information for those people who haven’t been able to locate everything they need when living and visiting South Florida. Then southbeachurban.com evolved.

About the site:

This site uses an online digital platform to introduce a new way of delivering information and resources to a broader audience of black consumers interested in knowing details about their current and future visits to Miami and the beaches. This site is a one-stop shop for all things concerning urban entertainment, arts, news, lodging and beyond that directly affects the black consumer of tourism and local residents in South Florida. This is the first of its kind in South Florida and it plans on staying the premier urban online resource for digital content for anyone interested in globalized black culture.

The type of content that will be covered on this site will be a mix of written content, visual content and audio content to attract black consumers towards a daily, 24-hour online resource to follow and related to. This site will deliver on its promise of catering to a niche target market of black consumers in South Florida because local news and happenings aren’t found in one place and their demands have not been met when it comes to being inclusive.

Southbeachurbanl.com will be able to give black consumers of South Florida something that is new and up-to-date when it comes to a distribution of quality content.